Muller Mixer

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Muller Mixer in Ahmedabad (INDIA).Muller Mixer is also knows as a Sand Muller, Sand Mixer, Edge Runner etc. Muller Mixer is used in Foundry, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products, Pharmaceutical, Minerals (Mica powder Grinding), Lime Mortar Grinding, Fly Ash Mixing, Rice Ash Husk Mixing , Carbon Black Mixing, Snuff, Batteries, Welding rod flux, Abrasives , Soaps, Putty, Paints.

Delivery time of Muller Mixer is maximum 3-4 weeks of any size.

Having Machine pan and wall of height the whole pan is fitted on heavy duty channels stand . Roller is casted. Roller fitted in such a way that maximum bottom area is covered . Both rollers are overlapping each other. So that no material is left Un-ground. The rollers are running on ball bearing with sealing arrangement to prevent the powder going in to rollers are driven by oil filled specially design heavy duty 2 stage gear box and powdered by As per model electric motor complete with starter & control panel and There is available top conical type top cover. The main drive from motor to gearbox by V-Belt pulley.



Technical Detail